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Winemaking (1.5) coming soon

A maintenance release of Winemaking will come out after Apple review. This release will fix some bugs that cropped up with the release of IO6.0 and 6.1, and add stability patches. Minor UI changes fixing a background color problem.

Next release will be 2.0 with language localization.

New version Winemaking (1.4) just released


There has been an update to the Winemaking app. The app is now at version 1.4.

New Features:

  • PDF Export of Journals and Batches.

The PDF exporter can take your selected journal entry and format it as a PDF file, which can be exported via email. The same thing can be done for a whole batch. To get to the export button (shown below).

Closeup of Export button and export popover showing PDF export selection.

Closeup of Export button and export popover showing PDF export selection.

  • Updated the Sugar calculator to allow calculation of sugar reductions via water additions.
  • Added info popup help boxes for each of the calculators. Provides quick help for each feature.
  • Add a new Blending calculator (similar to WineCalc’s), where you can select two wines and any component in the wine and compute blend results. See the example worked out for WineCalc elsewhere on the blog.


  • Fix some numeric precision bugs.
  • Fixed a CSV export bug where special characters can cause the export to fail.
  • Fixed some issues for improved stability.


Please let me know about features you want to see included in Winemaking. I have been collecting a list from customers as they send their inputs, and many of these ideas are slated to make an appearance, or have already.

New revision of WineCalc

Just released the new 1.2 revision of WineCalc. Added some handy help info popups for each calculator screen, as well as some minor UI updates. Also added a new calculator to the sugar adjustments page, where now you can calculate how much water to add for sugar reductions. Previously, there was only sugar additions on this page.

Let me know about calculations you would like to see added to the WineCalc!

Example use for raising and lowering sugar:

Assuming a sugar level of 23 brix, and you would like to raise the brix to 24. You have 10 gallons of wine must. Using WineCalc, enter 23 starting Brix. Enter 24 Target Brix. Enter 10 for initial Volume (then select the Gal selector). Press the red CALC key to compute the sugar addition (see image below for screenshot of the Sugar Adjustment page). When sugar is added, the water to add section reports 0, and the sugar is reported as kg of granulated sugar.

To lower Sugar, simply enter a target Brix value less than the Starting Brix Value. This will result in a value shown for addition of water (in gallons or liters depending on your selected volume), and a 0 value for sugar additions.

Winemaking calculations

So I was out in my little home winery performing some tests and generally playing with my wine, and I noticed I needed to add some sulfite. I wanted a quick calculation to add my sulfite using a stock 10% solution (which I favor over dry meta).

Usually I use references in Jon Iverson’s great Home Winemaking Step by Step book to help me figure out how much solution to add. But I have WineCalc, so it was an easy thing to determine how much to add. I believe home winemakers can really benefit from this tool. But I also recognize I don’t use this the same way all of you may use it.

So I am interested to hear what types of calculations you folks are making out there? Drop a comment in here and let me know if there is something missing you would find helpful.