Winemaking calculations

So I was out in my little home winery performing some tests and generally playing with my wine, and I noticed I needed to add some sulfite. I wanted a quick calculation to add my sulfite using a stock 10% solution (which I favor over dry meta).

Usually I use references in Jon Iverson’s great Home Winemaking Step by Step book to help me figure out how much solution to add. But I have WineCalc, so it was an easy thing to determine how much to add. I believe home winemakers can really benefit from this tool. But I also recognize I don’t use this the same way all of you may use it.

So I am interested to hear what types of calculations you folks are making out there? Drop a comment in here and let me know if there is something missing you would find helpful.


2 thoughts on “Winemaking calculations

  1. I appreciate having the calculator on my iPhone rather than running to the lab to use the laptop. A useful addition to the app would be a notepad or batch log that could record the additions and blends as they occur. Another app I use for tracking time (eternity) emails my time logs in a spreadsheet format for saving. Something like that would be very helpful. Thanks for your work

    • I hear you about the log. I have added this to the feature request list I maintain.

      This app derived originally from the Winemaking app for iPad, which has a pretty good journal system built in. Maybe for the Winemaking iPad app I will add copy/paste type of buffer so you can make calculations and then paste them into the journal entry. Alternatively, the Winemaking app could make its way to ipod/iphone to add journal entry and data collection to the smaller devices. Its hard for me to judge how many customers really want to enter journals on a small format display.

      Thanks very much for your input. Its great hearing from customers.

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