New revision of WineCalc

Just released the new 1.2 revision of WineCalc. Added some handy help info popups for each calculator screen, as well as some minor UI updates. Also added a new calculator to the sugar adjustments page, where now you can calculate how much water to add for sugar reductions. Previously, there was only sugar additions on this page.

Let me know about calculations you would like to see added to the WineCalc!

Example use for raising and lowering sugar:

Assuming a sugar level of 23 brix, and you would like to raise the brix to 24. You have 10 gallons of wine must. Using WineCalc, enter 23 starting Brix. Enter 24 Target Brix. Enter 10 for initial Volume (then select the Gal selector). Press the red CALC key to compute the sugar addition (see image below for screenshot of the Sugar Adjustment page). When sugar is added, the water to add section reports 0, and the sugar is reported as kg of granulated sugar.

To lower Sugar, simply enter a target Brix value less than the Starting Brix Value. This will result in a value shown for addition of water (in gallons or liters depending on your selected volume), and a 0 value for sugar additions.